Cold and Flu

It is the season for cold and flu.  I had a client call to cancel her appointment last week because she was catching cold and she did not want to give it to me.  I have had this happen before.  I appreciate the thoughtfulness of this gesture.  However, do you cancel  your appointment with your physician when you think you are catching cold?  Acupuncture and Chinese herbs can most effectively ward off cold and flu symptoms, get rid of the lingering cold, and reduce fever, sore throat, achiness and many other symptoms that come with it.

If you feel you may have an allergy, are catching a cold, don’t know which, have had lingering cold that you can’t shake off, or are exhausted  from fighting flu, it is a good time to visit a Chinese Medicine practitioner.  She/He can take your pulses and observe your symptoms and prescribe correct medicinals (herbs) that suit your conditions.  The advantage of the visit over picking up over the counter medicine or over the counter Chinese herbs, is that you receive “correct” medicinals.  If you are still cold and have not broken sweat or fever, the herbs that has cooling medicinals will worsen your condition.  If you have fever or heat symptoms,adding something to promote sweating will make you worse.

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